Your rent payments are charged on a weekly basis (every Monday). If you pay every two weeks or monthly you should pay in advance.

If you have a problem paying your rent, contact your Locality Officer immediately. They can agree a payment plan and/or point you in the right direction if you require any further support on budgeting, money management or debt advice.

If you are a joint tenant, you are each responsible for the full rent payment. If one of you decides to move, contact the Locality Team who will help you to work out paying rent on your own, and check to see if you are entitled to any benefits to help towards your rent.

When you sign your Tenancy Agreement you are accepting responsibility of paying the full rent on your home. If you think that you may be entitled to Housing Benefit, ensure that you make the claim as soon as you become the legal tenant, and you must move into your property immediately. If you do not move in immediately, you will not be entitled to claim Housing Benefit.

To check if you are entitled to any benefits visit

Rent and service charges are priority payments, and not keeping up with payments could lead to suspension of services, losing your home and it could affect your credit rating.