As a landlord, and in accordance to your tenancy agreement, Trident Group has a responsibility to ensure they provide their residents with a safe and healthy property to live in, as required by The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

As well as maintaining the exterior structure of the building, all landlords have a responsibility to ensure the property is in proper working order including supplies such as water, gas, and electricity.

Health And Wellbeing Check -
Your health and wellbeing check will be carried out by your dedicated Locality Officer who will first make arrangements with you directly to visit you in your home.

Data We Hold On You -
To ensure that we hold the correct information, Your Locality Officer will ask you for updates following any changes in your circumstances. These changes could include the following:

  • Your contact details
  • Household details
  • Next of kin details (we hold this information for any emergency that may occur)
  • Details on your income and employment status
  • Any health issues you may have

Your Rent Account -
Should your rent account with us be in arrears, your Locality Officer will discuss this with you and offer support and advice. With your agreement, we can refer you to debt advice agencies such as Citizen Advice Bureau or Shelter.

Your Health and Wellbeing - 
Your Locality Officer is able to help you further in maintaining and sustaining your tenancy by:

  • Contacting the fire brigade, who can carry out a safe and wellbeing check to identify any risks or vulnerabilities to fire
  • Contacting health care providers, who can assist you with your health issues, and help you to continue to live in your home
  • Contacting other housing providers to assist in moving you on to more suitable accommodation

Repairs -
You will have the opportunity to report and discuss any repairs that you may have. Your Locality Officer will aim to contact the Maintenance teams whilst with you to report your repairs and arrange suitable times for them to be looked at.