• Take your complaint seriously and investigate your claim.
  • We will tell you what we will do and give you a timescale.
  • Let you know of how you may help yourself whilst we are investigating.
  • Keep you informed.

How Trident will deal with your complaint:

In the first instance we will investigate your claim, for example, writing to the individual causing the problem, arranging to meet with them.

Upon investigating the claim, we will decide on a course of action.

Dependent upon the nature of the claim we have a number of actions we can take, including:

  • Offering mediation, where all parties involved discuss the problems
  • Encouraging resident to sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract, agreeing that they will behave in an acceptable manner within their neighbourhood
  • Issuing formal Tenancy Warnings
  • Installing noise monitoring equipment, where possible and if applicable
  • Taking enforcement (legal) action when the ASB does not stop and all other avenues have failed

You can also access information on ASB at: https://www.gov.uk/report-crime-anti-social-behaviour