Trident Group is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the structure, exterior and common parts in blocks of flats and maisonettes. These are often referred to as communal repairs, planned maintenance or major works. Depending upon the design of the building and nature of its construction, this might include works and services to:

  • Exterior walls.
  • Rainwater and soil pipes.
  • External sewers and drains.
  • Gas, water and electricity pipes up to the flat.
  • External decorations to communal areas.
  • Internal communal areas such as stairs, landings, rubbish chutes etc.
  • Communal windows and doors.
  • Communal grounds.

Leaseholder’s Responsibility to Repair

In addition to your obligation to pay for the cost of communal repairs and redecoration, you are responsible for making the arrangements carrying out and paying for all repairs to the inside of your home. This includes repairs to:

  • Fittings such as kitchen units and sinks.
  • Internal non-structural walls.
  • Plaster or other surface materials on interior walls and ceilings.
  • Front door and window locks.
  • Internal doors and door frames.
  • Toilets, baths and showers.
  • Radiators, cisterns, tanks, boilers and pipes used exclusively within the flat.
  • Gas, water and electricity installations exclusive to the flat.
  • Fixtures, fittings and internal decorations.

You are responsible for any leaks or burst pipes, including damage caused to other property as a consequence. You should always ensure that you have adequate contents insurance. For further information, visit My Home Contents Insurance:

If you need to report a repair which is the responsibility of Trident Group, please email us at or call 0121 6334633.

If you are reporting an emergency repair outside of office hours 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday – Friday, please call 0121 643 6060.

Permission to Alter or Repair

You can redecorate and replace fittings within your property, but you must not carry out structural works or improvements without Trident Group’s permission, for example loft conversions, installing heating, rewiring, removing walls and fitting new windows/doors. Please speak to your Locality Officer for further guidance.