Rough Sleeper Outreach Service

Our Rough Sleeper Outreach Service gives responsive support to address immediate needs of those sleeping rough in the City. Referrals can be made into our Homeless Prevention Pathway by calling 0800 880 7157.

Emergency Beds

Our 101 bed homeless hostel, Washington Court, will provide a safe place of shelter for immediate, same night occupation and enable rapid assessment of needs and delivery of support to aid swift move on into appropriate provision, delivering intensive support for up to 2 months. We will also provide safe immediate same night emergency refuge provision to individuals with or without families fleeing domestic abuse and will ensure risk assessments and risk management frameworks are in place to ensure the health and safety of all.

Complex Needs

Housing and support is provided within 5 schemes across the City and staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Complex Needs accommodation and support will provide early and targeted intensive support to aid the recovery and resilience of people with complex vulnerabilities allowing the person to move towards independence.

Lead Worker Service

Our Lead Worker Services for Adults and Young People will provide early targeted support for vulnerable individuals in their home to avoid heading into crisis or worsening health and wellbeing. The service will provide practical quality support to help improve resilience and maintain independence. We will be working flexibly across the City to those living in precarious housing. Providing advice and guidance, support will be tailored to the individual needs, co-ordinating early interventions from other agencies and establish networks of support.

Long Term Supported Accommodation

Long term supported accommodation provides a solution for vulnerable adults with multiple needs including young people and people affected by domestic abuse, where a move to alternative accommodation is required. The service will provide accommodation with support to build resilience, be safe, improve wellbeing and move towards independence. Vulnerable adults will move onto independent accommodation at the end of support through a range of housing options.

For further information, please click on the flyers below:

Trident Reach - Young People Services - Under 25 Lead Worker Service - Flyer

Trident Reach - Homeless Services - Over 25 Lead Worker Service - Flyer

Trident Reach - Domestic Abuse Services - Refuge - Flyer