Posted on 16 June 2017

Trident Group care homes say: ‘You’ve got a friend in us’

Two Trident Group care homes in Kings Heath hosted the organisation’s third annual Care Home Open Day today, Friday, 16 June 2017.

The idea behind Care Home Open Day is to encourage local people to visit care homes in their communities and to work together to develop better relationships.

This important connection is something that all Trident Group care homes have always nurtured. Both today’s hosting care homes are already acting as a community hubs within Kings Heath, with organisations such as; The Phoenix Group and NCS Challenge, volunteering many hours to help with fundraising activities.

Attendees today included Rev. Moira Saunders from Hazelwell Church, who opened the day with friendship prayers, MP for Birmingham Hall Green, Roger Goldsiff, and Mike Ewins from Birmingham City Council, who stressed how important events such as the annual Care Home Open Day is to publicise within Birmingham. He said “We only ever get to hear the bad things within the care sector and today’s event is vital to allow the local community to come and see the amazing work everyone does. It’s also a great day to thank all staff and community partnerships for their continued support; and today’s event in Kings Heath has fully shown this.”

The day also saw residents and guests celebrate ‘The Big Lunch’, an initiative by the Eden Project that connects people and encourages friendlier, safer neighbourhoods where people start to share more — from conversations and ideas, to skills and resources.

Samantha McMillan, Registered Care Manager of one of the care homes, said: “Some people still have misconceptions about care homes and there is more negative press about them than positive ones. We really do a lot of good work so this is a time for us to showcase our work to our friends, colleagues and community. It is a time to bring together people we know, and people we don’t know, “come as strangers and leave as friends” is our motto this year. It’s a great way to engage with others and raise the profile and awareness of care homes and people with learning disabilities.

Here are some highlights in picture: